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ydprof.dll is a malicious computer worm that multiplies itself so rapidly to spread in every location of the compromised system. It can enter into the machine by a number of ways such as spam email, instant messaging or peer to peer file sharing networks and make use of tricks to let you to pen the file so as the activate the functioning of worm. Sometimes known as Worm FakerecyA is full with harmful effects and thus poses serious threat to the security and stability of the system

ydprof.dll Information:

  • FileDescription: O⥸`
  • LegalCopyright: Copyright (C) 1999-2004 A.I.SOFT,INC.
  • ProductName: ĕOCR饤֥(A)
  • ProductVersion: 4, 0, 0, 3
  • Company: A.I.SOFT,INC.
  • FileMd5: 7b65fbfee09e5516260efa20c6a7d096
  • FileVersion: 4, 0, 0, 3
  • Memos: -
  • Download ydprof.dll fix tool
  • 93100850

Description of ydprof.dll Virus :

ydprof.dll Virus is usually detected by AVG and identified as a horrible Trojan horse that has circulated and encountered many computer users while they gain access to dangerous websites, spam emails or freeware downloads unwarily. Once the Trojan targets your computer, it runs itself automatically every time the contaminated system launches. Also, it is designed by cyber criminals to attack the target computer and brings a lot of various types of computer viruses to the affected computer, and these potential threats can be malware, adware and worms and so forth. Such a Trojan just performs illegally as related infection ydprof.dll to affect the system and programs terribly. As soon as the Trojan invades, it greatly causes system slowdown, file missing and poor programs functions unexpectedly, making computer victims badly frustrated. Why does your security protection fail to deal with such a pesky Trojan horse even if you update it gradually? Tiny as the notorious Trojan is, it is aggressive enough to corrupt your executable programs to prevent them from functioning normally, especially your anti-virus software. Thus, it is high time for you to delete the Trojan entirely in a manual way.

Usually, this Trojan does great harm to the target computer as it is distributed by cyber scammers to perform illegal activities and pilfer vital information from unknown computer users. Apart from corrupting your system and files, this Trojan may modifies your browser homepage, desktop image and default settings casually and redirect your favorite web search results to other hazardous content. To avoid further damages, you need to completely remove the harmful Trojan horse from your computer soon.

Destructive Activities of ydprof.dll:

  • Slow down the computer speed
  • Demean PC performance
  • Changes the desktop wallpaper
  • Automatically executes unknown program or application in the system
  • Hijack web browser
  • Creates several infected files and folders in the system
  • Alter Windows Registry
  • Steals personal data or information
  • Disable security software

This dangerous Virus is just like an ‘enemy’ for your system as it can corrupts the system badly and disallows you to perform any tasks on it. Your system as well as the saved data will be secure only when you immediately remove ydprof.dll from the PC.

How to remove ydprof.dll?

You can try out two effective methods for the removal of this malicious worm: Manual or Automatic removal method.

Go through the below steps to carry out the manual approach:

1. Disable System Restore temporarily
2. Stop all its running processes by using Windows Task Manager
3. Uninstall this program by Add/remove Programs available in Windows Control Panel
4. Using regedit.exe command, open Windows Registry and then search and delete all the infected registry entries from there
5. Finally, search for all its other files and delete them

But it should be noted that manual removal procedure is quite complex and time consuming process. In addition, it also requires careful attention while removal because any mistake can make the situation even more worse. So, inspite of going for manual steps, it’s better to go for automatic removal process as it makes use of ydprof.dll removal tool to eliminate all the traces of this malicious worm with the help of efficient scanning techniques. It also improves the Internet connection as well as system’s speed and performance.

Solution: Automatic Removal (Using Removal Tool SpyHunter)(Download Tools Now)

Step 1: Download SpyHunter on your computer by clicking on the below button.

Step 2: Install it on your computer by following the installation wizard. When you finish the installation, launch the removal tool to perform a full system scan to find out the threat.

Guide to remove ydprof.dll completely with SpyHunter.

Step one: Download SpyHunter by clicking the button below:

Step two: Click on Download, and then follow the installation process of SpyHunter step by step.

1. In the showing box, click Run.
2. Click: I accept the license agreement, and then press Next.
3. Wait for a while to install the applications.
4. Click Finish.
5. After installation, you can click Yes to restart your computer to make SpyHunter effect, or press No, if you’d like to restart it later manually.

Step three:scan and delete every threats caused by ydprof.dll virus.

1. To do a full scanning with SpyHunter to find out every threats in your computer.

2. After that, you need to select every detected threats about ydprof.dll virus and remove them all.

ydprof.dll is an advanced Trojan virus that is harassing more and more computer users worldwide. It just cuts a striking figure but it becomes a persistent threat by continuous changing. It can also start with the system by modifying some registry entries and invite other infections to your computer. With more and more malicious infections running in the system, the computer will become very fragile. In this case, cyber criminals are able to control the computer remotely to record your key information. Don’t look down on ydprof.dll.You should remove it immediately.

The above manual removal is quite dangerous and complicated, which needs sufficient professional skills. Therefore, only computer users with rich computer knowledge are recommended to implement the process because any errors including deleting important system files and registry entries will crash your computer system.

ydprof.dll is located in:

  • d:\dokume~1\cornho~1\lokale~1\temp\tempalbert\ydprof.dll
  • c:\documents and settings\psych doctor\local settings\application data\yreefeswy\ydprof.dll
  • c:\users\thaison\appdata\local\temp\ixp000.tmp\ydprof.dll

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