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um_aotc.dll is basically a computer Trojan horse that allows the remote attackers to penetrate into the compromised machine with the intention to damage it completely. It opens a backdoor to the system and permits easy remote access by hackers to gain complete control over the machine. The attackers are responsible for all the operations carried out on the system and liable to gather confidential information of the users stored on the hard drive of affected system without making any intimation to the genuine user, who is using the system.

um_aotc.dll Information:

  • FileDescription: Ultra Electronics Card Systems Ltd. : UI Core
  • LegalCopyright: Copyright ? 2009 Ultra Electronics Ltd.
    All rights reserved.
  • ProductName: UltraDriver AOTA
  • ProductVersion:
  • Company: Ultra Electronics Card Systems Ltd.
  • FileMd5: 88c9bbab3e4ab92976713c0980817256
  • FileVersion:
  • Memos: -
  • Download um_aotc.dll fix tool
  • 89100808

What is um_aotc.dll?

um_aotc.dll is a malicious application, it is capable to delete the important files present in the PC. It is also capable to disable the network completely. This is a Trojan application, it was specifically designed to track and gather the confidential information present in the PC. This application allows remotely accessing the information present in the PC and using it for illegal purpose.

Users who get infected by this virus may be curious on how this threat gets into computer without the block by security tools. As a matter of fact, it can be spread via removable device, malignant links, popup ads, spam email attachment or other existing malware. Being a backdoor Trojan, um_aotc.dll is also has the capability to create backdoor access for allowing other aggressive virus to mess up registry entries and destroy system files. Even worse, it may result personal information in exposing to the cyber criminal who is desiring to scam money from your account. Without saying, as um_aotc.dll is a dangerous infection to your computer that users should not wait to get it removed until it is too late.

How um_aotc.dll is dangerous for your system?

It is enormously dangerous and affects the overall performance of the system as:

1. It displays many fake security warnings and error messages that are displayed to scare the users that their system has security issues.
2. It gets automatically installed to the system via Trojans.
3. It blocks other legitimate programs to run on the system.
4. It is also responsible for redirecting the browsers home page.

Get rid of the virus as soon as detected. You can go for manual removal but this is a cumbersome and time taking job and also requires lots of attention. Apart from this removing it using third party software is beneficial that automatically detects and removes it easily. For more information about its removal please visit the link mentioned below.

Instructions on Removing um_aotc.dll Virus Completely:

Manual removal is a complicated and risky process which requires sufficient PC skills. If you are afraid to make any changes to your system, please back up your vital data before going ahead to delete any of this Trojan infection related system files and registry entries. Also, be cautious when moving forward to deal with the Trojan horse manually.

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together and stop um_aotc.dll virus processes in the Windows Task Manager.

2. Go to Folder Options from Control Panel. Under View tab, select Show hidden files and folders and uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended), and then click OK.

3. a. Press Windows+ R keys to pull up the Run box.

b. Search for regedit in Run. (Type regedit in the Open filed of Run, and click Ok)

Delete associated files and registry entries related to um_aotc.dll virus from your PC completely as follows:

4. Reboot the computer normally to take effective, when the above steps are done.

Method: Automatic Removal with SpyHunter

Step 1: Press the following button to download SpyHunter

Step 2: Save it into your computer and click on the Run choice to install it step by step.
Step 3: Click Finish then you can use it to scan your computer to find out potential threats by pressing Scan computer now!

Step 4: Tick Select all and then Remove to delete all threats.

Useful Automatic removal um_aotc.dll with SpyHunter from the Infected Computer

You can use the manual removal procedures above step by step to get rid of um_aotc.dll, but it is quite complicated actually. So, if you are not a computer savvy, I recommend you to solve this problem with removing um_aotc.dll automatically with SpyHunter.
Step 1: Download Spyhunter antivirus program by clicking the icon below:

Step 2. Install SpyHunter on your computer step by step.
Step 3. After finishing installation,you need to do a full canning with SpyHunter to find out every threats in your computer.After that, you should select every detected threats and remove them all.

Step 4. Reboot your computer and check it again to make sure that um_aotc.dll is terminated completely

As the above mentioned, um_aotc.dll is a malicious virus process that can make chaos and problems on the infected computer. This virus is able to damage the infected computer by passing through the security tools. If this virus process keeps staying on the infected PC, the backdoor process can let the cyber criminals do the remote control on the infected PC, it means that the data and information can be stolen, history, cookies and other files will be under the monitoring of the cyber criminals. Anyway, if the anti-virus program on your computer don’t have enough power to remove the virus, it is suggested that PC users should remove it in a manual way. This virus needs to be remove as soon as possible to protect the infected PC.

um_aotc.dll is located in:

  • c:\documents and settings\owner\application data\msa\um_aotc.dll
  • c:\users\griffe\desktop\desktop\big kahuna words\um_aotc.dll
  • c:\dokumente und einstellungen\hertel\lokale einstellungen\temporary internet files\content.ie5\6jxirizh\um_aotc.dll

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