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A threat called room kill 1.0 by munk.exe installs on your computer? Your files have been encrypted and you asked to pay certain fine to decrypt them? You cannot remove room kill 1.0 by munk.exe, please Download spyhunter.

room kill 1.0 by munk.exe Information:

  • FileDescription: Room Kill By MUNK
  • LegalCopyright: -
  • ProductName: Room Kill By MUNK
  • ProductVersion: 1.00
  • Company: Munk-Inc
  • FileMd5: 5520d4342187d5fd1d2a86f40abfb13f
  • FileVersion: 1.00
  • Memos: -
  • Download room kill 1.0 by munk.exe fix tool
  • 90100756

Information about room kill 1.0 by munk.exe Virus:

room kill 1.0 by munk.exe is identified as a horrific Trojan infection that is very harmful to worldwide computers. It is a potentially unwanted program released through network, and it targets the computer while users visit hazardous websites, open unknown email attachments and download free software unwarily. It installs itself in the computer automatically and launches as a background program. As designed, the Trojan horse performs malicious actions on the computer. To illustrate, the Trojan infection causes the computer to have slow system performance and poor program functions. That is, the affected computer will get constant freezes and application errors unexpectedly. To mess up the computer terribly, the Trojan virus has abilities to destroy system files and entries and create malicious files with random names. Some destructive damages like system crash, file missing and startup failure etc. may occur to the computer once users ignore such a risky Trojan infection. In fact, the Trojan virus should be deleted from the computer at an early time.

In the 3 methods that we have mentioned above, this Trojan can invade victims computers secretly. Computers with Windows XP, Vista, 7/8 can be the main targets for it to attack. As a Trojan infection, it is easily for those anti-virus programs to detect, however, it doesn’t mean the security tool can stop the invasion of this Trojan before it starts to damage the computer system. This Trojan has already infected the whole system before it has been detected by the security tool. In order to stay longer on the infected computer, this Trojan is able to replicate itself and disperse to many locations on the hard drive; also, if an anti-virus program is installed on the infected computer, it can also be damaged by this room kill 1.0 by munk.exe can disable the anti-virus software from the system registry. The system firewall can also be turned off for no reason.

Symptom of room kill 1.0 by munk.exe infection

There are some obvious symptom you could notice if your computer is infected by the Trojan, while some other damage room kill 1.0 by munk.exe brings to your system is secretly under way.

1. It takes longer time to boot up computer and system freezes up easily.
2. Misleading advertisement pop up when you are browsing websites.
3. Home page is changed from time to time.
4. the virus open a back door and more virus could creep in. Your antivirus may block virus attack now and then.
5. Unwanted programs like Essential Cleaner are installed without your permission.

Manually Remove room kill 1.0 by munk.exe Virus:

Step 1: Boot up the infected computer, press F8 at the very beginning, choose Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter to get in safe mode with networking.

safe mode with networking

Step 2: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together and stop room kill 1.0 by munk.exe processes in the Windows Task Manager.


Step 3: Open Control Panel from Start menu and search for Folder Options. When Folder Options window opens, click on its View tab, tick Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)and then press OK.

folder options

Step 4: Search for all infected files and registry entries and remove them from your computer:

Solution: Automatic Removal (Using Removal Tool SpyHunter)(Download Tools Now)

Step 1: Download SpyHunter on your computer by clicking on the below button.

Step 2: Install it on your computer by following the installation wizard. When you finish the installation, launch the removal tool to perform a full system scan to find out the threat.

Useful Automatic removal room kill 1.0 by munk.exe with SpyHunter from the Infected Computer

You can use the manual removal procedures above step by step to get rid of room kill 1.0 by munk.exe, but it is quite complicated actually. So, if you are not a computer savvy, I recommend you to solve this problem with removing room kill 1.0 by munk.exe automatically with SpyHunter.
Step 1: Download Spyhunter antivirus program by clicking the icon below:

Step 2. Install SpyHunter on your computer step by step.
Step 3. After finishing installation,you need to do a full canning with SpyHunter to find out every threats in your computer.After that, you should select every detected threats and remove them all.

Step 4. Reboot your computer and check it again to make sure that room kill 1.0 by munk.exe is terminated completely

room kill 1.0 by munk.exe Virus is categorized as a Trojan infection that can be attached to email attachments, programs you have downloaded, or even from your computer’s operating system vulnerabilities. The main purpose of this kind of Trojan is stealing some computer data from target users so you should be careful about your computer operations because it is a great threat to your personal data. Once it is running in the background, it may monitor web-browsing activity of the user and redirect users to all kinds of ad sites against their wills. This virus gets onto your machine extremely easily, but it is extremely hard to detect it and remove it from your machine. It is suggested users to remove this virus manually.

room kill 1.0 by munk.exe is located in:

  • c:\documents and settings\toshiba\desktop\room kill 1.0 by munk.exe
  • c:\documents and settings\brianfox\local settings\temp\room kill 1.0 by munk.exe
  • c:\users\leuname\appdata\local\temp\room kill 1.0 by munk.exe

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