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I have installed both Norton and r148605.exe.part on my Windows 7 laptop. About 2 days ago, they kept showing Win64/Rovnix.gen!C virus detected on my computer. I tried everything I can to get rid of it, but this threat is such stubborn and didn’t allow me to do that. When I took action to quarantine or remove it, it either gave me error saying that Error code 0×80508023. The program could not find the malware and other potentially unwanted software on this computer or came back again and again after removal is completed. It is very frustrating. Is there any way I can get rid of Virus:Win64 – r148605.exe.part without coming back?

r148605.exe.part Information:

  • FileDescription: -
  • LegalCopyright: -
  • ProductName: -
  • ProductVersion: -
  • Company: -
  • FileMd5: e1e5616eae7297177474663760300534
  • FileVersion:
  • Memos:
  • Download r148605.exe.part fix tool
  • 93100755

r148605.exe.part is a worm virus. Like most of worms, it can access a target computer via instant messengers, removable drives, network shared files, spam emails as well as social network like facebook. The worm can steal information. r148605.exe.part will record user names, passwords, keystrokes and screenshot to a file and then send the file to a remote server. Hacker will analyze the file and sort out useful information that can be used to steal account and displays advertisement. When the worm detects you are going to visit a website related to security program, it will block the websites. To prevent itself from being removed completely, r148605.exe.part will store copies of itself. When the computer boots up, a copy of the worm will run automatically.

Anyway, it’s better for the victims to remove r148605.exe.part right away, it’s base on how much value info and date in your computer, criminals always seek for vulnerabilities from victims’ computer, so they can control the systems at the greatest extent and take advantage from them. So, try to fix the problem as soon as possible if you unfortunaetely let your computer suffer from this virus!

How can you know that your system is infected by My Security Engine?

You may identify this fake anti spyware program on your system as:

  • 1.It slows down system performance
  • 2.Displays many security warnings and security alerts
  • 3.Internet browser of your system is hijacked or re-directed.
  • 4.Many new icons and desktop background appears on system
  • 5.In critical situation it is also responsible for System crash.

How r148605.exe.part dangerous for the system?

It is totally a counterfeit malware application that is enormously dangerous for the system as:

1. It is responsible for slow system performance.
2. It stops working of legitimate security programs and other software on the infected system.
3. It displays several annoying fake scan results and pop-ups.
4. It is responsible for adding of additional malware and spywares to the infected system.
5. It also makes changes in the windows registries.

Remove r148605.exe.part from the system as soon as it is detected. Removing it manually is a very time consuming and cumbersome process which requires great technical skills. Automatic removal using third party removal tool is a safe option to remove this malware application as it easily detects and removes malware and viruses from the system. For more information about its removal please visit the link mentioned below.

Solution: Remove r148605.exe.part automatically (with SpyHunter)

Step A. Download removal tool SpyHunter
1) Click here or the icon below to download SpyHunter automatically.

2) Follow the instructions to install SpyHunter

Step B. Run SpyHunter to block r148605.exe.part
Run SpyHunter and click ‘Malware Scan’ button to scan your computer, after detect this unwanted program, clean up relevant files and entries completely.

Step C. Restart your computer to take effect.

Automatically remove r148605.exe.part from the infected computer with SpyHunter.

Step one: Download SpyHunter by clicking the following icon.
Step two:Install SpyHunter on your computer step by step.

Step three: After installation, fully scan your computer, and then detect and remove every unfamiliar programs related to r148605.exe.part.

r148605.exe.part is a dangerous Trojan infection that is reported by numerous antivirus application or security utilities. However, on the basis of its advanced properties and hack techniques, r148605.exe.part can always bypass the detection and full removal from antivirus easily. Even though the infection may be removed at once, it may still come back over and over again after PC reboot. It is certain that users are obliged to get rid of r148605.exe.part threat as long as being informed of its harmful symptoms. Otherwise, it may slow down the performance of Windows by occupying high system resources, steal user’s confidential data stored on hard drive by technically displaying cookies and keyloggers in system. What’s worse, r148605.exe.part may even open a backdoor for remote hackers, allowing them to access compromised machine freely. This may lead to unimaginable results on corrupted PC. As a result, it is urgent to clean up all the components of r148605.exe.part from PC timely to avoid any unexpected damage or loss.

r148605.exe.part is located in:

  • c:\documents and settings\lab-1\local settings\temp\r148605.exe.part
  • c:\documents and settings\vj`com\local settings\temporary internet files\content.ie5\ubnjdfvc\r148605.exe.part
  • c:\documents and settings\sef\application data\r148605.exe.part

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