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panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll virus suddenly appeared in the system each time the computer starts. Trojan makes my computer slow and often freeze up. I have run through the whole system a few security scan and delete all the test items. But seems to be unable to pick up the malicious software that reduce toxin. What can I do? How to delete from computer Trojan infection does not cause any damage? Removed manually tips will help you effectively deal with the Trojan virus.

panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll Information:

  • FileDescription: AutoPlay Helper
  • LegalCopyright: (C) Panasonic Corporation 2009
  • ProductName: AutoPlay Helper
  • ProductVersion: 1, 0, 906, 2612
  • Company: Panasonic Corporation
  • FileMd5: 2d08513c81673ee4f17b20acc4ffd3c2
  • FileVersion: 1, 0, 906, 2612
  • Memos: -
  • Download panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll fix tool
  • 89100793

panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll Description

panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll is a malicious Trojan virus that will mess up the targeted PC completely. Once infected, panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll virus modifies crucial system files to set itself run automatically, or tries to pretend to be safe executable files. Thus, some antivirus may not detect panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll virus in time.

panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll virus is able to open backdoor processes to allow remote accesses from cyber criminals. It will be extremely dangerous that remote hacker can control your PC and steal whatever important data stored in the system some day without any notification. Users bank information will be known by remote hacker if panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll virus in the system, it can scan system files quickly, record profitable data and transfer to remote server. What’s more, panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll virus is capable of infecting some files, if the infected files that contain important data cannot be deleted, security programs may keep reporting alerts. In order to keep your system and personal data safe, you must remove panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll virus as soon as possible.

Symptoms of panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll:

When this virus infects the users system it starts performing malicious operations that show some changes in the users system:

  • 1.The speed of the system becomes very slow and it takes longer duration to start up and shut down.
  • 2.It replicates its copies in each folder of the drive.
  • 3.New icons and shortcuts are displayed on the system.
  • 4.It hijacks system browser and toolbar and changes homepage.
  • 5.Modifies and deletes some of the registry entries that may cause ‘Blue Screen’ error.
  • 6.Displays numerous annoying pop-ups to scare users.

How to Remove panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll manually

Step 1: restart your computer and press F8 constantly, choose safe mode with net working when you have the advanced boot option.

Step 2: press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to activate Task Manager window, click Processes tab and end the running processes of panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll.

Step 3: remove all the files and registry entries associated with panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll.

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.dll HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll ‘.exe
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run ‘panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll’
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings CertificateRevocation =panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll
Step 4: download the Regcure Pro to remove the leftovers and optimize your computer.

a: Regcure Pro is a genius program which is recognized by BBB. It removes useless keys or malicious registry entries, optimizing your computer and maximizing the PC performance.

Solution: Automatic Removal (Using Removal Tool SpyHunter)(Download Tools Now)

Step 1: Download SpyHunter on your computer by clicking on the below button.

Step 2: Install it on your computer by following the installation wizard. When you finish the installation, launch the removal tool to perform a full system scan to find out the threat.

Approach two: automatically block / uninstall panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll with SpyHunter.

Step one: Download SpyHunter on your computer by clicking the icon below.

Step two: Following the prompts to automatically install SpyHunter
Step three: when the installation processes finish, run a full scan on the infected system to find out every threats, and then delete them completely.

Step four: Restart your computer again to make it effect.

The panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll virus mainly spreads through network, and it does great harm to the affected computer. It invades the computer deeply together with potential threats like adware, malware and spyware. Soon as the worm virus attacks the computer, it degrades the system performance and disconnects the network sometimes. It also affects the functions of normal programs to prevent them from taking effective. Particularly, the antivirus just gets blocked by the worm virus and it fails to delete any computer infection properly. In this case, users have to remove the risky worm infection from the computer in a manual removal way.

panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll is located in:

  • c:\users\user\desktop\bureyk\setup\panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll
  • c:\documents and settings\default user\local settings\temporary internet files\content.ie5\panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll
  • e:\documents and settings\administrateur\bureau\panasonic.core.helper.autoplay.ni.dll

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