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Help! My new bought computer is infected by lc0419.dll virus. I think it is a useful security tool but finally I realize that this program is just a rogue program. I can not use my computer normally after installing this fake anti-virus program, each time when I try to go online or open some processes, this program will pop up and stop me from doing this. What is bad, this fake anti-virus program keeps telling me to purchase its full version, how can I remove this virus process completely from my computer? How can I get my normal computer back? Any help will be appreciated.

lc0419.dll Information:

  • FileDescription: -
  • LegalCopyright: -
  • ProductName: -
  • ProductVersion: -
  • Company: -
  • FileMd5: 45b0c628cd9595bf102189167cc99683
  • FileVersion: -
  • Memos: -
  • Download lc0419.dll fix tool
  • 93100840

lc0419.dll is a worm virus from W32 family. The worm is just a variant of the family and there are lots of other variants released every day by hackers. The worm can be used to open a back door on the compromised computer and steal sensitive data from the system. Like other worm viruses, lc0419.dll can copy itself rapidly and infect removable device connected to the infected computer. It can infected files that are about to send to others via p2p software, email or messenger software. When the worm infects the computer, it creates a registry entry and then it can run without users’ permission. Every time the worm executes, it drops copies of itself and creates malicious files. Moreover, lc0419.dll can access files like HOST files, connect to its server, create a proxy and capture screenshot and keystrokes. The infected computer usually has poor performance. Do you want to remove lc0419.dll instantly? We have some tips for you.

lc0419.dll redirect virus can attach to freeware and shareware. When you install a program and you do not carefully read the lists of additional installation along with the program, you will get the virus installed. If you uncheck the unwanted items, you can avoid such infection. Some malicious toolbars can redirect the browser to lc0419.dll.com. Google search result will also be redirected to websites that have nothing to do with the query.

Symptoms of lc0419.dll

When this dangerous malware enters into your system it starts performing malicious operation on the infected system and shows some of the changes in the normal working of the system. Some of the symptoms are:

  • 1.New icons appear on the desktop.
  • 2.The system starts performing very slow.
  • 3.The speed of the computer decreases.
  • 4.The system starts performing activities that are not instructed by you.
  • 5.Hackers are getting sensitive information also when they are not sent by you.

How to remove lc0419.dll step by step?

1. Exit all problems running in your computer
2. Open Task Manager go to processes tab right-click the process and click delete.
3. Clean temporary files, Temporary Internet Files and recycle bin
4. Run your antivirus program now to scan your computer thoroughly
5. After the scan, remove all detected files.

If your antivirus program doesn’t remove the virus in above steps, I am afraid you should give it up and download a professional Trojan removal program called Spyhunter. Spyhunter could effectively remove lc0419.dll and clean up registry entries avoiding further infection. Some computer users found that the Trojan could repeatedly infection their system. It is mainly due to the fact that the registry values lc0419.dll leaves are not completely removed.

Method: Remove lc0419.dll Automatically with Removal Tool SpyHunter

Step 1: Click on the button below to download SpyHunter on your PC.

Step 2: After you finish the installation, run the program to perform a full scan of your PC to find out the threat by clicking on the Malware scan button.

Step 3: When the scan finishes, check the scan result and then click the Remove button to remove all the detected threats from your computer automatically. Reboot your computer to apply all changes.

Automatically remove lc0419.dll from the infected computer with SpyHunter.

Step one: Download SpyHunter by clicking the following icon.
Step two:Install SpyHunter on your computer step by step.

Step three: After installation, fully scan your computer, and then detect and remove every unfamiliar programs related to lc0419.dll.

lc0419.dll virus makes quite a few of online computer users turbulent since its work focuses on stealing confidential data on the compromised computers. Indeed, the lc0419.dll virus is quite malicious, not only infecting users’ computers but also entices in more malware to produce a fatal system corruption. Thus, many computer users have to face blue screen of death happened on the infected system. And done with that, the victimized users have no way to rescue their computers and the lc0419.dll virus can be stubborn on the infected machine. lc0419.dll virus should be removed from the infected system as quick as possible to in case of any further damage especially referring to confidential data exposure or theft. Once hijackers acquired confidential data, they will take them to participate in malicious online commercial activities in order for illegal profit-making.

lc0419.dll is located in:

  • c:\users\kcm_ericfung.kcbh\desktop\er\citrix\xenapp\xa5_en_com_w2k3\administration\access management console\lc0419.dll
  • c:\documents and settings\user\local settings\application data\mozilla\firefox\profiles\zazm306g.default\cache\lc0419.dll
  • c:\users\akillez\desktop\new folder\lc0419.dll

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