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Removing a Trojan horse virus from your PC does not have to be a difficult task. This type of virus attaches itself to many programs or files that have been downloaded from the internet. If your PC slows down, it may mean that it is infected with worms. Using a high quality anti adware and spyware software has helped to clear up my PC of annoying pop ups and increased its speed significantly.

83f160e4d01 Information:

  • FileDescription: -
  • LegalCopyright: Copyright NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • ProductName: NVIDIA Windows Vista Display Drivers
  • ProductVersion: -
  • Company: NVIDIA Corporation
  • FileMd5: 189d19b7bdcb617f0b4bebfef81a3ca8
  • FileVersion: -
  • Memos: -
  • Download 83f160e4d01 fix tool
  • 94100693

What Is 83f160e4d01? Is It Dangerous?

83f160e4d01 is classified as the Trojan horse infection which can target all the windows based system. After it gets itself installed on your computer, it can active itself via adding the registry to the startup items to modify your default computer settings. Therefore, your computer will become vulnerable for other computer virus like Trojan, worms, rouge programs, browser hijacker redirect virus, etc. keep it longer, more malware or spyware will be invited to come to your computer.

83f160e4d01 is firstly detected by Kaspersky, but Kaspersky failed to pick up this nasty virus. With this Trojan horse on your computer backdoor, it can monitor your online computer activities or even steal your personal information. What will the symptoms like to being infected by this 83f160e4d01? I will list the symptoms below:

1.It can inject more corrupted files onto your computer and then degrade your overall computer performance. (It will take you more time to launch programs stored on your computer).
2.Unexplained system crash down or blue screen.
3.Computer keep restarting itself on and off.
4.More malware will be invited to your computer.
5.Monitor your online computer activities and connect to the remote server.

Activities of 83f160e4d01:

  • Installs various malicious virus and Trojan to the system
  • Displays several fake alerts or warnings
  • Gets entered in the system without user consent
  • Slow down the PC speed
  • Internet connection gets slower
  • Demean the system performance
  • Corrupt the windows registry
  • Hijack web browser
  • Redirect the browser to malicious web pages

This rogue application is very dangerous for the system; it can leads to the data loss and can also crash the system if stay longer in it. So it is strictly suggested to remove 83f160e4d01 as soon as possible.

How to Remove 83f160e4d01 manually

Step 1: restart your computer and press F8 constantly, choose safe mode with net working when you have the advanced boot option.

Step 2: press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to activate Task Manager window, click Processes tab and end the running processes of 83f160e4d01.

Step 3: remove all the files and registry entries associated with 83f160e4d01.

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.dll HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Random .exe
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Random
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings CertificateRevocation =Random
Step 4: download the Regcure Pro to remove the leftovers and optimize your computer.

a: Regcure Pro is a genius program which is recognized by BBB. It removes useless keys or malicious registry entries, optimizing your computer and maximizing the PC performance.

Method: Automatic Removal with SpyHunter

Step 1: Press the following button to download SpyHunter

Step 2: Save it into your computer and click on the Run choice to install it step by step.
Step 3: Click Finish then you can use it to scan your computer to find out potential threats by pressing Scan computer now!

Step 4: Tick Select all and then Remove to delete all threats.

Useful Automatic removal 83f160e4d01 with SpyHunter from the Infected Computer

You can use the manual removal procedures above step by step to get rid of 83f160e4d01, but it is quite complicated actually. So, if you are not a computer savvy, I recommend you to solve this problem with removing 83f160e4d01 automatically with SpyHunter.
Step 1: Download Spyhunter antivirus program by clicking the icon below:

Step 2. Install SpyHunter on your computer step by step.
Step 3. After finishing installation,you need to do a full canning with SpyHunter to find out every threats in your computer.After that, you should select every detected threats and remove them all.

Step 4. Reboot your computer and check it again to make sure that 83f160e4d01 is terminated completely

Although 83f160e4d01 Virus doesn’t have the ability to replicate itself, it is still a potential threat that can ruin a computer. It can be used by downloading or uploading of files for various purposes or downloading and installing software, including third-party malware and ransomware. All of these actions are done without asking your permission. This tricky Trojan can run itself automatically by creating a configuration entry in the Windows Registry. Accordingly, as soon as system starts up, your security tool like Norton or MSE will keep showing your computer has been infected but will not allow you to eliminate it. It is highly recommended to remove 83f160e4d01 quickly to secure your computer.

83f160e4d01 is located in:

  • c:\documents and settings\administrator\my documents\unzipped\wirelessnetview\83f160e4d01
  • c:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\lexmark_x5100_seriese0ce\83f160e4d01
  • c:\documents and settings\todos os usuários\microsoft\microsoft antimalware\localcopy\83f160e4d01

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